by the glow

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recorded at ex-DDW HQ + DBTS, in brooklyn ny
by nick corbo and mike caridi

all songs written and (mostly) performed by mike caridi

nick corbo played drums on "roof" and "birds", 12-string guitar on "beamer", and auxiliary drone and keyboards on "lose" and "birds"

montana levy sang on "lose" and "beamer" i hope that next time she will sing more songs with me

songs mostly written for or in reflection of the may 5 to 12 project with friends

mixed by mike caridi with lots of help and advice by mike ditrio
bounced to tape and mastered by mike ditrio

"sounds like phil elverum hung out with like fleetwood mac and kicked it outside with some lemonade" - mike ditrio


released July 28, 2015



all rights reserved


the glow Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: BEAMER
i can hear ya but i can't see ya
when i'm dreaming
of my old house,
it burned to the ground
but you're still hanging
by the mini-ramp
sitting on your mother's grave
i'm still sitting your grave

i'll see you in my backseat dreams
because my memories escape me
Track Name: LOSE
i can forget about it
i can be with someone new
i can drink and get lit
until i'm seeing two

kiss me behind my old house
tell me i've got something to prove
the more i think about it
i was only trying to lose

wake up in the morning
trace your sleeping eyes with dreamy hands
i can't get my day started
without seeing you

but i'll recede back to school
dark and stormy, refreshing and new
but now when i think about it
i'm still trying to lose
i'm always trying to lose
Track Name: ROOF
don't patronize me
don't say you can't recognize me
when we were on that roof
and adam caught your look
how do you think that made me feel?
i can't remember, i was double fisting beers
yesterday was a good day
mini-van highway with greg
and me with wind in my eyes
mr van is alive!

head back to BK
grabbed a taco and a latte
we don't hang enough
but when we do i can feel the love
Track Name: DEATH
i'm sitting next to you
and i'm putting back a few
and i'm starting to feel the love
this time i know it's true

do you still love me too
when i leave you in the room
to work through your grievances
and contemplate death and dying